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Delinquent Future?

My brain requested me to let it go on a vacation...So I listened and went on a sabbatical. I hope you missed me!

Much has changed - both in India and globally - since my last post. Markets around the globe seem to have caught a collective cold. I am probably feeling happy after quite a while in the markets, with so much pessimism going around. The markets have now tuned their radars to pick up the slightest of negative news flows to go on a free fall.
In this post, I take a look at some interesting developments in delinquency rates related to real estate and the response of the equity markets (S&P 500). Admittedly there are number of factors that have a bearing on the movement of the S&P 500 and one cannot see the causal effect of one on another in isolation. But as they say…sometimes the part is better than the whole…especially when trying to get a sense of how things fit together to form the larger picture!
Delinquency rates – to put it crudely – measures how many loans default…