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Insights from the Options Pit: 'Vix'y 'Volcone'o

My posts seem to have a direct relationship with liquidity and credit availability in the markets...both have dried up!
In this post I draw insights from the beautiful, non-linear world of Options. The title is a grammatical mess but it captures the central idea behind this post. I make a case for increasing volatility over the next two months in the Indian markets and possible ways for investors to play this. I'm amazed at the near-term thinking manifesting even in the options world. The markets are so riveted on the near month expiry that they forget there's a next month...and a month after that. India will go to elections starting mid-April and the spectacle will be for everyone to see over a 1 month period.
As always, this time will most likely see tugs-of-word wars and plenty of ego-massages as one party tried to outdo the other in gaining the coveted majority number. Pre-election opinions point to a fractured mandate and there's a very high probability of frenetic pos…