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Kiss From A Rose: Scenting Karuturi Global

US$1 million = रु.5 Crore
Country: India
Home currency: INR

This post focuses on Karuturi Global ("the Company"), the world's largest producer of cut roses and an aspiring agriculture company with a presence across India, Kenya and Ethiopia.
Before getting acquainted with the Company, it is worthwhile to get introduced, briefly, to the business of rose production. 
The Business: A thorny process to a rosy end The birth of a rose involves the following: Land and Equipment: The major fixed-cost components. The quantity of roses produced is a function of yield, which tends to vary depending on a slew of factorsPlantingHarvesting and Picking: It takes about a year for full production, from the time of planting. Picking is a critical activity that influences rose quality and prices. Trained personnel are a critical requirement herePacking and Transport: Once the roses are picked, off they go into a bucket of bacteria-enhanced water for preservation. From here on, they enter the safe…